At Jackson Strength we specialize in producing elite athletes that are stronger, faster, and leaner then their teammates and competition.We do this with expertly designed programs that consist of weight training, stretching, plyometrics, olympic lifting, nutrition, and supplementation. This comprehensive approach makes it ideal for the serious athlete, and the serious athlete only.

You Are an Ideal Candidate If:

  • You are dedicated and serious about your goal of becoming strong and healthy.
  • You have the will power and desire to make nutrition and lifestyle changes a priority in your everyday life.
  • You have a physical goal (fat loss, athletic accomplishment, etc.) that exceeds the majority of your age and gender.
  • You are focused, have a positive attitude, and enjoy hard work.

At Jackson Strength we only accept athletes who live by the statements above. This keeps our gym stocked with motivated, healthy, and positive athletes.

If you would like to set up a free 15-minute initial evaluation, please use our contact page and we will return your email within 24 hours. Be sure to join our mailing list for updates, tips and resources.


Curtis Jackson

Curtis Jackson is the Founder, Head Strength Coach and Owner of Jackson Strength in Solana Beach, California, a sports performance facility dedicated to improving human performance in sports and life.

He currently trains athletes from numerous sports and levels ranging from Junior High to Professional. He is also the current fitness expert for DiG Magazine which is the top beach volleyball magazine in the country.

Curtis holds certifications from The National Association of Sports Medicine, The Poliquin International Certification Program, USA Weightlifting, The CHEK Institute, and is currently earning his license as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. Most importantly, he is happily married to his wife Krystal and is a ecstatic father of a one-year old boy named Dylan.

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